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How We Can Help

Integrative Health Care Online offers comprehensive health assessments and therapeutic programs for anxiety, depression and other health conditions.

Based upon the results of the testing, individual therapeutic protocols are developed. They can include the use of mood-boosting amino acids, vitamin and mineral supplements, a mood-enhancing diet and lifestyle. The program is designed to help the individual overcome any imbalances to move into a state of health.

Understand the cause of
your condition.
Determine your specific
imbalances relating to body
chemistry, neurotransmitters
and hormones.

Complete our questionaire.

Treatment Plan
Create an individualized
treatment plan. We can work
with your healthcare provider
for an integrative approach to

Implement & Maintain
Your treatment plan to create
health and balance.

For further information on our program please access our TREATMENTS or RESEARCHpages.

• The ways we can assist you:

1. Call Us for an office, online or telephone consultation
2. Email Us
your questionnaire and we will call you
for an appointment.

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