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About Us

Dr Susan Janssens offers a variety of health programs and assessments at Integrative Health Centre a medical clinic located in Calgary, Alberta. 

Natural Mood Care (NMC) program is designed to find the underlying cause of health conditions within the body and provide safe effective remedies for mood disorders. The program employs the most current information from both conventional and alternative medicine.Please go to NMC for more detailed information.

The Comprehensive Health Care (CHC) program is designed to assess and prevent common health disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular, autoimmune and immunologicals diseases. Please go to CHC for more information.

The NeuroCare program is all about taking care of your brain and preventing alzheimer's, dementia, cognitive loss and neurological impairment.

It is essential to understood that your own body chemistry directly affects your state of health; physically, emotionally, and mentally. Hence when you achieve an optimal chemical balance internally, you can more effectively begin to heal yourself.

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